Monday, July 29, 2019

Ongoing NKP projects...

I thought before I launch the posts of our projects for this year, that I'd share some of the projects that we are continuing to do and that we invite you to still participate in.

Marker Collection:

Back in mid-May I shared that this year we were planning to do a used marker drive to collect and return to Crayola.  You can read more about this effort here:
We sure hope you are saving those old, worn out markers this summer. We will be collecting them throughout the summer and then this fall we will be packaging them up to send off to Crayola to be recycled. Please join us, and save those markers to be reused!

Prescription Pill Bottles:

If you have been saving old prescription pill bottles please feel free to continue to share them with us to package and send off to Mathew 25 Ministries.  This was a project we did last year, and are thankful for those who shared old bottles with us.  Read more here about this effort:
Several of you have so graciously reached out asking if we are still collecting pill bottles, and most definitely we would be happy to send them off again this year.  Feel free to contact me directly if you'd like to share some of your old used bottles with us and we can make arrangements to pick them up!

The Crayon Initiative:
In 2016 we collected old colors to send off to the Crayon Initiative, an organization that melts down old colors, and recycles them by creating new crayons that they donate to children in hospitals or to schools in need.  You can read more about this initiative:
We were so impressed by so many of you who helped us, we ended up donating a full pallet of old crayons to be remade and make the day of other children.  Thank you!
As you collect your old markers, many may have a collection of colors ready to share as well.  If you'd like to share some of your old colors, we will plan to send them off again this year to the Crayon Initiative too!

Please join us in these initiatives!

Until next time,

Noah's Kindness Project Shirts, Hats and more!

With this being our 5th year of Noah's Kindness Project, we are getting down to the final colors of the rainbow for the t-shirts.  We have yellow and orange left.  Yellow has always been my favorite color, so I'm excited to share that the shirts this year will be that!

The other exciting thing we are doing this year, is that we have partnered with our friends Carrie (Knox's Mom) and Heather who have offered us the ability to provide long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts and even hats with our NKP logo. While it is always hot here in Phoenix for NKP, for our friends in other places, like Iowa, a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt feels nice in the fall.

We are simplifying things for everyone and if you'd like to order you can go to this online store, place your order and in a few weeks after, your items will be shipped directly to you.

Unlike in the past where everything was shipped to us and then we shipped it to you, this year Carrie and Heather have agreed to manage that for us and so when you place your order, the shipping cost will be automatically calculated and payment taken care of right then and there.  With having a newborn at home  (sorry couldn't help but insert cute baby picture here), I'm so thankful for their offer to take care of that for us this year!

Please visit our online store at :
Select ‘NKP’ from the SHOP menu and place your order today!

We are only having our online store open from July 29 until August 9th, so please make sure to order between these dates!

And don't forget to make sure you've got the correct date for our project this year!!!!
September 28, 2019!

We so look forward to those who can participate with us. Please visit the store today and get your gear for this year's event!

Noah's Kindness Project Pop Up Store: 
Select ‘NKP’ from the SHOP menu

Thank you for your support!

Until next time,

Friday, July 12, 2019

New Save the Date: September 28, 2019

Sometimes life has a funny way of showing us as much as we think we are in control, we really aren't.  In some ways that was apart of Noah's story from the beginning.  When we were surprised to learn we were pregnant with him, we laughed and thought, well we didn't expect that.  When he came extremely early we were very much aware that we had very little control of the situation and that we were along for the ride.

I guess that's why when I found out earlier this week, that due to situations beyond our control, we were going to have to consider changing the date of Noah's Kindness Project this year, I really wrestled with the decision on if we should change it or not.  The truth is, we pick the first Saturday in October each year to honor him because he was originally expected to come that time.  In reality, we could celebrate his life and legacy any day, any time or any weekend, honestly there is such a need for kindness in this world, we should probably practice celebrating sharing kindness everyday.

So after wrestling with this decision for the last several days, and really doing some soul searching together, Jarrett and I made the decision that for this year, we will be moving up Noah's Kindness Project by one week.  Instead of the first Saturday in October, we will instead be celebrating the last weekend in September… specifically September 28, 2019.

We truly hope you'll consider joining us (even a week early).

So please Save the DATE and plan to join us.
We are so grateful!

September 28, 2019

Until next time,

2002 Noah's Kindness Project: Save the date...

SAVE the DATE:  TBD With the recent events of COVID-19 we are still trying to figure out how we will celebrate Noah's Kindness Project...