Saturday, May 23, 2020

2002 Noah's Kindness Project: Save the date...


With the recent events of COVID-19 we are still trying to figure out how we will celebrate Noah's Kindness Project this year while keeping everyone safe and practice social distancing.

We hope to announce the date in the coming weeks.  Please check back soon!

Thank you!

Monday, September 30, 2019

NKP: A day in review....

Noah's Kindness Project this year was such a fun day. It started early (wake up call at 5 am) when the fun started and as the day wrapped up, our smiles were still on our face.

I can not stress enough how much your participation and support mean to us.   As we reflect on Noah’s kindness project this year, the one word that keeps coming to mind is gratitude. Saturday was filled with laughter, smiles and immeasurable joy. At one point during the day when we were at our house working on projects to take to the hospital and to share with homeless people, I stopped for a moment and listened to the laughs, the conversations and happiness that filled our home. I looked into the front room and saw a reflection of a rainbow on our living room wall(we have a rainbow maker 🌈) and I thought... this is all happening because we had to lose you. Saying goodbye to Noah after only 12 days was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, and if I’m being honest I didn’t think I’d ever experience joy like I did before he passed. And then there was yesterday and so many other days that I have lived since, where life has been so so good. Noah’s kindness project is only possible because of so many of you who help us spread kindness with others.
Thank you to those of you who joined us in sharing kindness in Noah’s memory. Our shirts say “there is no foot too small that it cannot make an imprint on the world” and I believe we are doing that, for no act of kindness big or small is in vain. Our sincere appreciation and eternal gratitude.
#kindnessmatters #betherainbowinsomeoneslife
And now, let the photos tell the story...

Healthcare for Heroes 5K Race: benefiting healthcare workers.

Early morning... we left the house before the sun came up.

So thankful for those who joined us bright and early!

Madelyn finished her first 5K and we were so proud of her.  She walked and ran a big chunk of it.  

She's super proud of her medal

Papa placed!

Jennings got his first medal for strolling his 5K

Here are the NKP team members who placed! Thanks to Papa, Michael, and Team Kappes for making NKP look good!  I won't mention where I placed. :-)

Annette and the girls with their medals

The assembly of Joy Jugs to share with the homelesss

And happiness kits to share with the kids in the hospital

And we made scrapbook pages for the nurses to share with the families in the NICU

So thankful for this big group who turned out to support us!

Jarrett and Sonya catching up! Even Jack got to participate in the fun!

After we prepared the items, it was time to head to the hospital to deliver them.

 Delivering gifts to Banner Desert ,we took them to Labor and Delivery, Antepartum, the NICU and the Children's hospital

This is the comfort room where the Cuddle Cot is stored for families.  

So thankful to Campbell and his family (their charity) for making our dream of gifting a Cuddle Cot a reality.

At Cardon's Children's hospital. 

And then it was time to go pack meals at Feed My Starving Children.

Still smiling!

 This is such a fun project, and moving at the same time.

Jennings first Noah's Kindness Project.  He thought it was pretty fun too!

I love the saying on the back of our shirts because it reminds me of Noah but also the fact that our acts of kindness, no matter how big or small, are never wasted.  For each act that we share hopefully makes someone else feel better and even if it is just one person, then it was worth it. 

Thank you for all of you who made this day so much fun and for sharing kindness far and wide. 

We are extremely thankful.

Until next time,
Angie and Jarrett

2002 Noah's Kindness Project: Save the date...

SAVE the DATE:  TBD With the recent events of COVID-19 we are still trying to figure out how we will celebrate Noah's Kindness Project...