Friday, May 17, 2019

Used Marker Collection...

Today I dropped off the kids for their final Friday of this year's school year.  Crazy how quickly the year has gone.  And that got me thinking, I best get moving and get this post shared.

This year for Noah's Kindness Project, one of the activities we are going to do is a used marker collection.  How many of you have a box like this (or will soon have as your kids empty out their backpacks for the last time of the year)?
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We do and I'm guessing many of you might also.  Many of those markers have seen better days, are dried up, used up and need to be tossed out.  But before you do that, I encourage you to instead box them or bag them up and help us!

According to The University of Southern Indiana, 1.6 billion pens wind up in landfills each yearThink about how many schools nationwide, how many classrooms per school and how many kids per class have markers they've been using all year.  And what will happen to so many of those markers that are done?  Tossed in the trash right?  Well here's where we are asking for your help.  As a part of Noah's Kindness Project, and in collaboration of our wonderful home school, we want to divert as many of those markers out of the landfill and back to be recycled as possible.    Help us do our part to try to minimize the impact on our landfills... 1.6 billion pens is a very staggering number.

Thanks to my mother-in-law for sharing this idea with us!

So here is how it works?  Did you know that Crayola has a program called ColorCycle that helps to collect used markers to be recycled?  No, well me either.  Here's a litle bit about it!  

Crayola ColorCycle will accept all brands of plastic markers, not just Crayola markers. That includes dry erase markers & highlighters. If you collect the dead markers, in collaboration with your local school, they’ll send you a free shipping label & you can ship them back to Crayola to be recycled!  

For more information about this program: 
This program is currently in the US & parts of Canada, check website & - FAQ's. 

So here is our plan... as the school year end we ask you to please sort and save any used markers that can we can collect to recycle.  You can also save markers at home over the summer and even as the school year begins and you buy new ones.  Please save the markers at home or get in contact with us and we will gladly pick them up and store them til fall for you. For those family and friends who attend our local elementary school with Isabelle, she will be taking collection boxes to school next week to collect them in the final days of the year.  So toss them in the collection box at school!

For friends out of state, primarily in Iowa, please sort, save and collect markers to be recycled too. We will be working with our friends back there to find places to collect and store too.  I'll post an update about this in the coming weeks.

Thank you VERY much for your support!  A few years ago when we collected crayons to be recycled, we were able to send a huge pallet full of boxes to be made into new crayons.  We hope to be able to do the same this year!

Thank you! 

Imagine what we could divert from landfills during the whole school year at every school! 

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