Saturday, September 30, 2017

2017 Noah's Kindness Project 2017 Schedule

Noah's Kindness Project 2017 Schedule


  1. Food and Supplies Drives: 
  1. Children First Leadership Academy- Supplies Drive- Drop Off Site: Anita & Andy Petersen’s Home 
  1. St.  Mary’s Food Drive-  Drop off Site: Lubin & Enoch & Standard Plumbing True Value (550 E Baseline Rd, Mesa, NW Corner of Dobson & Baseline)

8:00 a.m.             Kindness Package for Postal Workers 
8:40 a.m.             Arrive at Feed My Starving Children- Mesa Location 
9:00-11:00 a.m. Feed My Starving Children- Group Volunteer Shift  (Thank you- We filled all of our volunteer spaces so please make sure you have submitted your name to me in order to volunteer for this activity). 
                             NICU and Antepartum donations  
12:45 p.m.        Balloon Release 
1:00 p.m.          Travel to the Haskovec's for afternoon activities and lunch
1:30 p.m.       Kindness Rocks  
                          Letters of Gratitude 
3:30 p.m.          Grocery Cart Return
                           Kindness Rock Distribution

5:00 p.m.         Memorial Garden- Visiting Noah's final resting place.

If you would like to join us for any or all of the activities, please let Angie or Jarrett know!

Thank you!
Noah's Family

Friday, September 8, 2017

NKP: St. Mary's Food Bank

Noah's Kindness Project: St. Mary's Food Bank.

Approximately 1 out of 8 households in America were food insecure in 2016.  That’s 41.2 million Americans, including 6.5 million children living in households in which both adults and children were food insecure.
For a country that has so much, how can so many be going without?  How can so many be uncertain as to when they’ll find their next meal?
This year, for Noah's Kindness Project (NKP), we are bringing back the Food Drive.  Last year, more than 1,205 pounds of food was collected at two sites through donations connected to our group! Yes, 1,205 pounds of food went to help individuals in our community who may often go to bed each night hungry.  Thank you for your help.
Will you please consider helping again?

We will be collecting food this year at Jarrett’s office, Lubin & Enoch, P.C., 349 N. Fourth Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85003.  Food is presently being collected and will be accepted during business hours on weekdays through Wednesday, October 4.  If you are not in a position to drop food off there but still wish to join in this collection effort, please feel free to contact us offline to try to coordinate a pick-up or drop-off date and time elsewhere. 
St. Mary's has identified a number of foods and other items as the most needed, including canned foods and diapers. Please see the list at…/2…/10/Top-Ten-Most-Wanted.pdf.

Our gratitude to ALL who support Noah's Kindness Project is unending.

Thank you!

Until next time,
Angie and Jarrett

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

NKP: Kindness Stones

Noah's Kindness Project: Kindness Stones

Not only was this one of the kindness activities shared with me, but it was also one that the kids and I had seen on  Pinterest and thought would be fun to participate in this year. 
Kindness Rocks with Kids
We are excited to talk  about the Kindness Stones as a part of the Noah's Kindness Project 
In the afternoon of October 7th we will gather at our home and spend some time painting stones with kind messages, inspirational sayings or even hand drawn pictures.  At the end of the day we will split up the painted stones and each take a few to share within our own communities.

KINDNESS ROCKS  - find some flat stones  - clean and decorate with paint, glitter, stickers etc.  - a coat of clear varnish helps protect.

The fun in this project is that each person picks a place to release their kindness stones... maybe a local park, maybe by a bus stop, along a hiking trail or even by a tree near your home.  Where ever you find the perfect spot to be, you leave your stone in a place where other person will find it to enjoy.  Maybe they will smile at seeing it and leave it for others to enjoy too, or they will pick it up and take it with them to have a visual reminder of the message shared on the rock.  

Sometimes we can all use a sign or reminder that things are going to be okay, that the stress will fade away, and that love and kindness is still bountiful.  I think these stones of kindness, are just the sign others will enjoy.

A bit art, a bit of creativity, a bundle of fun and a lot of kindness... all  in the simple gesture of painting a few stones.
Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud. Hand painted rock by Caroline. The Kindness Rocks Project

If you'd like to join us for the kindness stones project, please let us know!

We'd love to have you join us!

Until  next  time,


Monday, September 4, 2017

Noah's Kindness Project- NICU and Antepartum Visit

In keeping with the tradition of where Noah's journey all started, we will again go back and visit the hospital that was his only home.

 Our goal is to share kindness in what ever way we can as we bring gits to the Antepartum and NICU teams and families enduring difficult times as their tiniest warriors fight through each milestone and challenge.  Noah's Nana pours her love into several handmade gifts to share with the babies in the NIUC and we are so grateful for her talents in sharing such lovely keepsakes with several families this year as well.  We also know Papa helps with those projects too, so thank you to the both of them!

Nana and Papa proudly wearing their Noah's shirts last year!

Some of the gifts we delivered last year!

Gift baskets for several people at the hospital including the staff and the babies.

After sharing gifts with our friends in the  NICU and Antepartum units, we will pause for a moment of reflection around the time of day Noah left us and we will send our wishes to him in  Heaven above through our annual balloon release. 

It is a tradition that has come to mean so much to me and his siblings.  The balloon release brings me happiness just thinking our wishes and notes of love could possible reach the boundaries of his forever home above. 

Until next time,

Friday, September 1, 2017

NKP: Thank a postal worker

Noah's Kindness Project: Thank a Postal or Delivery Person

There are many times in the scorching hot summer here I think of the many men and women who go from street to street, sometimes even door to door to deliver our mail.  I know they are only one of many professions of people who have to work outside in the heat or in the cold (for other areas of the country) but I still think of the wonderful mailman we had at our old place.  He'd wave to the kids, whistle as he delivered packages to the front door and went on about his task, day after day, in the 100 degree plus weather, for it seems 100 plus days without a complaint.

So this year, I thought, after all the packages, the letters, the flyers and bills they deliver, why not leave a package for the person who works so hard to bring us the mail we (sometimes when it isn't all bills) look forward to each day.

So this Noah's Kindness Project, we are going to do a simple act of kindness by leaving a handwritten thank you note, a cold bottle of water and a few snacks in our mailbox as a way to say thanks!  Thanks for always doing your best, to bring us our mail and my many amazon packages.

Yes, a simple gesture for just one of the many many many hardworking people across this country that do their job to make our lives a bit easier.

So thanks Mr. Postman.  Ms. UPS Driver, Mr. FedEx..... we appreciate all you do and want to say thank you!
Pay it forward Random acts of kindness Mailman gift

Until next time,

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